Rules and Guidelines

Yup, annoyingly enough there are some rules to go by. I don't think they are too hard.

  • You can have a shrine, one page, domain, fanlisting or pretty much any type of site. As long as it is male based.
  • You can join with a character or series.
  • Shounen series or boy's love. Male specific stuff. So unfortunately, you cannot join with a Sailor Moon general series shrine.
  • Please no porn. I know some series run high but there is a difference in what's tasteful.
  • Any male character, or any character that idenifies with male is allowed. (Example: Naoto from Persona 4, Haruhi from Ouran Host and Haruka from Sailor Moon but not Sailor Uranus.)
  • I'm going to allow sites that are not in English. Please fill out the form in English and tell me where the code is in the comment box. (Sorry I can only read English.)
  • Please put the code up before you join or right after.
  • And please have something for me to look at. Some type of content. (This is more of a request.)
  • Animation, cartoons, graphic novels, comics, manga, movies, tv shows, video games, books. Characters and series from anything as long as they are male. Non-human characters are also allowed.
  • Actors, voice actors, musicans and the like are also allowed. For these put their job. (example: Voice Actor; Liam O'Brien)
  • Couple shrines are also allowed as long as there is a male involved.
  • Any type of relationship is allowed as long as there are males.